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Comedy Script Consultant - Charles Garland


This script consultancy service is specifically designed for writers who are writing, or have written a television situation comedy. It offers answers to questions such as:

"Is my idea original enough?"     "Is my script ready to show to anyone?"     "Is it funny?"

and the all important  ...

"How can I make my script good enough to sell?"

Whether you are new to writing, or an established writer, you will know that a "second opinion", when given by a qualified, experienced professional, is the very least that your work deserves.

You only get 'one chance to make a first impression', and if you submit a script to a broadcaster, agent or independent production company which is less than the very best you can create, then you run the risk of rejection - and you cannot re-submit that script at a later date

You will find on the "Services" page, a choice of options open to you.  These range from a simple evaluation of an idea, "coverage" of a script, treatment or synopsis, reading and offering an opinion on its viability, through to a full report and analysis of your script, which will give you insight into its potential, and a clear impetus to drive you forward and make it better !  Beyond that is an extended programme of mentoring, on a one-to-one basis, guiding you through the writing of an entire series.

This is a personal service, which is not "out-sourced" or "sub-contracted". Every word you write is read by me, and every word you receive in return is written by me. If you are, like me, located near London, it will be easy to arrange a meeting if you choose a 'one-to-one' consultancy session.   However, subject to an agreement concerning travel expenses, I am willing to go anywhere in the world to meet you ...

Thank you for looking at this site - I hope you find it both interesting and encouraging, and I look forward to welcoming you as a creative client and colleague very soon.

                    Charles Garland